How Do I Download and Unzip My Files?


You will receive an email confirming your order

As soon as your payment is processed, you may download your purchased designs.

You may print a copy of your receipt for your records; however, the history of your purchases will be maintained in your account.

Return to log in to your account.

In 'My Orders', click the link 'Review orders' and you will be redirected to the download link.

Each of your purchased design files will be listed. Click on each one to start the download process.
If you do not select another location, your files will download to your 'Downloads' folder on your desktop.

We recommend that you create a specific folder, like 'Digital Designs' and place it on your desktop to organize all of your downloaded zipped files. We also recommend an archived copy on an external hard drive, or a file storage service like Dropbox. This will provide you with a secure back-up copy of your purchases in the event of a computer failure.


Select the folder you to which you directed your downloads.
Each design file has been compressed into a zipped folder. You will need to "unzip" the folder to extract your stitch file type.
RIGHT CLICK on the zipped folder once. Of the several options that appear, select "Extract All".
A Window will open that will list a location, but also give you the option to choose (Browse) the location for your extracted stitch files.

If you choose to browse to another folder, you will be given the option to 'Select a destination'.
Choose a folder from the list shown on your Desktop.

After the location for your unzipped files has been selected, click Extract (or Next) on the bottom right of the small Window.

You will now have not only a zipped folder, but a regular folder containing all of the available stitch files.

Open the regular folder to locate your desired stitch file. The file extension of the format your system uses will appear at the end of the design name - the characters after the dot (.).

RIGHT CLICK on the file in the correct format, and choose COPY from the list of choices. You may also use the keys Control + C on your keyboard, the shortcut for Copy.

Open either your USB drive or your SD Card (depending upon which device is used by your computerized quilting system). To open, Double-Click on the appropriate drive. RIGHT CLICK in the blank space in the Window that subsequently opens and select PASTE from the list of choices, or use the keys Control + V, the keyboard shortcut for Paste. The file that you previously copied will appear on either your USB drive or SD Card (whichever you chose).

Transfer your media device to your quilting system to use your purchased pattern.

Please Note: Some systems require that you open or import your design files in separate software to edit or resize your designs before you transfer them to your quilting system.