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P2P designs are extremely useful because you can easily create your own borders, corners, sashings, pantos, just about anything you can dream up. Because they’re continuous line patterns, usually featuring just a single element, they can be used for many different applications. Many use point-to-point patterns as E2E designs for small scale background fill, you can easily use the small element design to your advantage.

How do quilters typically use point-to-point patterns?

I use point to points on my IntelliQuilter with the Path Pattern Feature which allows me to easily make them into a circle wreath, stitch them along a wavy line, or just manually set the width and create a normal edge-to-edge pattern. Statler Stitcher users would know this feature as "Record Sew Pattern", in fact each system has its own way of using P2Ps but the idea is all the same. The start and end points are on the same plane so these designs can be easily flipped, stacked, and reflected without having continuity issues.

What are popular uses for longarm quilting P2P patterns?

Because these are continuous line designs, they are commonly used as borders, simple sashings, and for edge to edge quilting. Since these digitized patterns are easily used for so many applications, we have many in other categories that could easily be referred to as a point to point design, but because they were introduced as a panto or a sashing they don’t get put in this category. That makes this section a bit deceiving and organizing this and others is something we will be working on in the first part of 2015. We’re consistently adding new computerized quilting designs and trying to improve your experience at Intelligent Quilting.

Message from Brandon: “Improving how our products are categorized is going to be one of my major goals for 2015, the first section we will be splitting up and organizing will be the digitized borders, sashings, & more section. Next will be to organize the pantograph section to add more descriptive subcategories. Some themes have over 350 patterns and we feel could be split up to help in your browsing. If you have any other suggestions that you think would improve the usability of the site, feel free to email me at [email protected]. Thank you.”

*All of the sets listed above are digitized quilting designs and are sold as pattern file downloads.