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Where do I get inspiration from?

I am currently enrolled in college and focusing on science, specifically math and chemistry, so right now most of my inspiration comes from the different ways I use math and geometry in my life. While I love traditional quilting styles, I really enjoy finding patterns and new styles that I haven’t seen before in quilting and I enjoy finding creative ways to create them seamlessly.

Most of my previous experience was with creating vector art for websites, so using some of the same principals I was able to pick up digitizing quilt designs pretty quickly. The most challenging part is to train your brain to think in terms of continuous lines. Digitizing designs without jump stitches, as a continuous line pattern, is a challenge that I relate to solving a math problem and I believe that’s why I enjoy doing it so much.

Carefully Digitized in Art and Stitch

Because my designs are so far from "traditional", they work great for men’s quilts, boys’ quilts, quilts for teens, or anyone who doesn't inherently love quilts already! All of my designs first start with the IQ or just plain paper and pencil. They end being carefully “digitized” using the industry standard Art & Stitch digitizing software.

I hope you enjoy my designs and unique style. I do custom digitizing as well and am always interested in finding other who have a unique creative style. If you think you are ready to start selling your designs, send me an email at [email protected] and send a few examples of your work.