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As you can see, we are proud to have an enormous collection of computerized block motifs to offer. Block designs, properly known as Motifs, are not continuous-line designs (like e2e pantos) so they must be placed manually where you would like them to stitch out.

Digitized motif designs offer quilters a way to give their computerized quilting a “custom hand-guided feel” since you have the ability to be creative using completely different designs. You can mix-and-match or simply place them where you'd like and do some stippling or run a panto to fill the white space.

With over 1500 of our digitized quilting designs being motifs, we’re confident you will find the style you need. Take a minute to explore all of the differently themed subcategories we've divided the motifs into...

What motif styles do you offer?

Our most popular digital motif styles in 2014 were the feather motifs, holiday motifs and seasonal quilting motifs, and interestingly enough all of the miscellaneous digitized motifs come in a close third. The rest are evenly purchased but deserve a mention of their own. Of course, the texture and geometric motifs and the simple shape longarm blocks will look good on almost any modern quilt that hits your machine.

Really though, another large amount of our block designs are insect and animal motifs, blocks inspired by nature such as leaf motifs, and our largest section of all – the computerized flower motif category. That may be because when you design after nature you have unlimited options from which to create beautiful, unique art. Many customers love leaves, flowers, animals, and just about anything relating to the world's natural beauty on their quilts, and we do too!

*All of the motifs for long arm quilting listed above are digitized designs and are sold as a download file only. They include pattern files for all major computerized quilting systems like Statler Stitcher, Pro Stitcher, PC Quilter and others. Intelligent Quilting is a trusted source for carefully digitized Statler quilting patterns.

Do you have and digitized motifs on sale right now?

To find the lowest priced quilting block designs just sort the products by ‘Price: Low to High’ and the first results will be the best priced! This changes with every sale and every time products get moved to our discounted smart buys section. Also check the pattern sets section because many of the packages have computerized longarm motifs at a discounted price. Our deal of the day page also features digitized quilting motifs on occasion so be sure to check that page as well.