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In total, we have more than 800 different border, corner, and sashing designs for you to quilt with. We take time to carefully digitize our designs to ensure beautiful, clean stitch-outs that will impress you, and amaze your customers. One of our next projects is separating this section into more defined subcategories, stay tuned for these changes soon.

For the new year we decided to sprinkle a handful of sample patterns throughout the site, for any and all visitors to download and use - no sign-in required! Simply click on the image to the right or click here for your instant download to start right now...

Every Quilt needs a Border!

No quilt is complete until it has a border, well, okay… maybe not always. But more often than not, our customers expect their borders’ stitching to stand out and represent the quilt well. Sometimes the right border can give you inspiration for the rest of the quilt and sometimes quilters simply stack them to use as an “allover” edge to edge design ( like a pantograph).

I’m looking for borders with matching corners.

Most of the patterns will be fairly clear by the image if it includes a corner or not. If you find a border without a corner, you can try to find one by looking directly at that designer’s designs page or doing a site search for the border’s name (sometimes a corner or other complementary designs will appear).

Some of our designers have a “line” of designs that can all be used together (usually by the same name), so if a border doesn't include a corner, there may be one available separately. However that is not always the case, so if you find a digitized border without a corner and need one made, we will be happy to discuss our custom digitizing options with you.

What is a sashing pattern for longarm quilting?

Sashings in long-arm quilting are border designs that are narrow in nature, usually only up to a few inches tall. They are useful for outlining quilt blocks or as narrow inside borders. Sashing designs are “ continuous-line quilting patterns” which makes them very versatile and can be used for many unique tasks or tricky quilts. Longarm sashing patterns are similar in appearance to motif frame patterns, but their point-to-point versatility makes them the more popular choice.

Many quilters love digitized sashing designs because they were designed to stitch out small so you won’t run the risk of density issues when you scale down a larger pattern to fit a smaller space. Because of their smaller size they are also perfect for using on small projects and crafts such as wall hangings, table runners and similar items.

*All of the computerized border designs, corner designs, and sashing borders found at Intelligent Quilting are digitized machine quilting patterns and NOT PAPER PATTERNS. They are sold to you in digital form only (as an instant download) and are not printed or shipped. We support all major computerised quilting formats so while these are borders for Statler Stitcher systems, they are also borders for Pro Stitcher, IntelliQuilter and other longarm machines equipped with a robotic drive system.