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What are your Promotions and Sales like?

We rotate through sales and promotions a few times a month here at Intelligent Quilting so this page is a good stop to make fairly frequently. Sales are typically seasonal in nature but we also do sales based on pattern designer, pattern type, and pattern theme. So far this year we have made an effort to offer more freebies and have more promotions based on free digital quilting designs.

Do you offer Free Digitized Quilting Patterns

Oftentimes we will offer designs for free when you make a purchase at Intelligent Quilting. When we run one of these “freebie” promotions please take note that your free digitized quilt designs will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase. More often than not, your patterns are sent out in the evening. (Eastern Standard Time)

Other cheap and discounted Quilting Designs

Did you know that this page isn’t the only place that we feature cheap designs? A few months ago we added a new selection of designs that are only priced $3, $4, or $5. They are called Smart Buys, because… well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist! Smart Buys are a great way to expand your pattern library quickly with the minimum amount of investment. Increasingly we have seen Smart Buys become popular with quilters who are new to the site and just want to try us out. Whatever your motivation is, we highly recommend you take a look at these very cheap digitized quilting designs.

One last place to check is our Deal of the Day page where we feature a different randomly selected design every day at 50% off. This is another great option for quilters who are looking for a deal. Deal of the Day is updated daily.

*All of the sale and promotional designs are digitized and are intended for use with computerized quilting machines like IntelliQuilter or Statler Stitcher.