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Intelligent Quilting
Digital Designs for Computerized Quilting

Intelligent Quilting was established in 2007 to meet the needs of the growing computerized quilting industry.
Intelligent Quilting, LLC is owned by Crystal Smythe and is based in Tecumseh, Michigan. Crystal is a professional longarm machine quilter, pattern designer and internationally recognized teacher. Her goal for is to provide you with first-class customer service and one-stop shopping for digital patterns.

At Intelligent Quilting, you'll find thousands of digital patterns.We have an extensive collection from a diverse and talented group of artists - inspired by imagination, nature, fantasy, tradition and more. All of our patterns are digital and are available for immediate download.

To contact me please email at or call (215) 550-1144. I want to be able to return your call. If I have calls forwarded to my cell phone I don't get a return number listed, so please do leave a message if your call is not answered.

Copyright Information
All of our designs are copyrighted. In most cases, the copyright holder is the designer. Purchasers of digital designs are granted a limited license for one user. That user may not copy, distribute, or sell the digital design. Nor may the user give away the formats that she or he does not need or use. If you have any questions about how you may lawfully use your digital files, or about the copyright owner's interest in general, please contact us.

You are not actually purchasing the pattern or design; you are purchasing a limited license (the right) to use it subject to certain conditions described in the previous paragraph. It is an important distinction and one made in connection with the purchase of most intellectual property and electronic goods. We have, however, referred to "purchasing" a pattern to make it easier and less cumbersome to write and to read. These references do not change the nature of your purchase; again, you have purchased a license (or the right) to use the patterns you've selected subject to the limitations described.