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Herald by Keryn Emmerson. This image demonstrates how this computerized pattern will stitch out once loaded on your robotic quilting system. A full page pdf is included with the design download. Herald
Price: $15.00
Digital Quilting Design Dragontail by Keryn Emmerson. Dragontail
Price: $13.00

Miscellaneous Digitized Pantographs

In the miscellaneous edge-to-edge section we have stuck everything that doesn’t have a home elsewhere in the pantograph category. Usually these patterns are very unique or not very traditional in appearance so they don’t fit under feathers or flowers or just about any other recognizable pattern type. The best example of this would be Crystal’s Zendoodle designs and all of the accessories to go with them are very cool, but they don’t really conform to traditional quilting. Nevertheless, they needed a home, along with 350 other random pantos and this is it.