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Hermione's Lorien Digital Pattern Club

Be the first to get Lorien Quilting's newest digital patterns at a huge discount!

In the middle of very month we will send you all of Hermione's new patterns for just $22.50/month. Every design will be brand new, never before seen creations from the wonderfully talented Hermione Agee, and the best part is that these digitized quilting designs are offered at only half of their normal full-price cost of $45.00! This is a great way to add variety to your pattern collection and save money as you go. This year we have seen many of you subscribe to the Lorien club and we so excited that you are loving the designs as much as we are.

SPECIAL 2015 BONUS for Lorien Club Members - receive free designs that are offered during selected promotions!

PLEASE NOTE that PayPal cannot be used for the purchase and the recurring payments of Lorien Digital Pattern Club.

Lorien's Digital Pattern Club Subscription

Price: $22.50/1 month(s)

The Subscription Fee is $22.50 per month.
Image of Lorien's Digital Pattern Club Subscription by Lorien Quilting, Copyright 2014
***Sign up anytime before the 15th of the month and receive the patterns on the 15th. Subsequent collections will be emailed the 15th of every month.****

You will receive an email with a download link. The zip file will contain multiple file formats. All designs are copyrighted, please respect our designers and only download the appropriate file for your system.

Membership may be canceled at any time, but must be done at least two weeks before the 15th to be effective for that month. This club is ongoing until you unsubscribe.