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Animals / Insects Asian / Oriental Background Fills Bubbles / Circles
Butterflies / Insects Celtic / Irish Chevron Clamshell
Damask / Decorative Elements Feathers Flowers
Food / Drink Geometric / Texture Hearts Holiday
Kids / Babies Miscellaneous Modern Nature / Leaves
Nautical Novelty Paisly Seasonal
Simple Pantographs Sports Stars Swirls / Spirals
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Digital Quilting Design Mister Moose by Dawna Sanders. Digital Quilting Design Ladybug Parade by Dawna Sanders. Digital Quilting Design Swirls R Us by Mike Fountain
Mister Moose
Sale: $10.50
Ladybug Parade
Sale: $10.50
Swirls R Us
Sale: $10.50
Digital Quilting Design Curly Vines Panto or Border and Corner by Mike Fountain Digital Quilting Design Sunflower Spiral Panto by Crystal Smythe. Digital Quilting Design Tee'd Off by 160 Stitches.
Tee'd Off
Sale: $8.40
Digital Quilting Design Fluent by Lorien Quilting. Digital Quilting Design Rooster by Lorien Quilting. Digital Quilting Design Grandio by Lorien Quilting.
Sale: $10.50
Sale: $10.50
Sale: $10.50
Digital Quilting Design Pocket Knives by Crystal Smythe. Digital Quilting Design Star Sparkle by Kristin Hoftyzer. Digital Quilting Design Flowing Leaves by Mike Fountain
Pocket Knives
Sale: $10.50
Star Sparkle
Sale: $10.50
Flowing Leaves
Sale: $10.50
Digital Quilting Design Ice Crystals by Mike Fountain Digital Quilting Design Holly and Swirl Panto by Naomi Hynes. Digital Quilting Design Merry Moose by Dawna Sanders.
Ice Crystals
Sale: $10.50
Merry Moose
Sale: $10.50
Digital Quilting Design Shape Up Fill by Crystal Smythe. Digital Quilting Design Green Leaf P2P by Apricot Moon. Digital Quilting Design Thunder Storm Panto by Naomi Hynes.
Shape Up Fill
Sale: $10.50
Sale: $9.10
Digital Quilting Design Twinkling Night Sky by Dawna Sanders. Digital Quilting Design Twinkling Pumpkins by Dawna Sanders. Victorian Panto 1 by AC Designs.
Victorian Panto 1
Sale: $10.50
Victorian Panto 2 by AC Designs. Victorian Panto 3 by AC Designs. Victorian Panto 4 by AC Designs.
Victorian Panto 2
Sale: $10.50
Victorian Panto 3
Sale: $10.50
Victorian Panto 4
Sale: $10.50
Digital Quilting Design Winter Scene by Crystal Smythe. Digital Quilting Design Spring Scene by Crystal Smythe. Digital Quilting Design Summer Scene by Crystal Smythe.
Winter Scene
Sale: $10.50
Spring Scene
Sale: $10.50
Summer Scene
Sale: $10.50
Digital Quilting Design Autumn Scene by Crystal Smythe. Four Seasons Placemat Set by Crystal Smythe. Digital Quilting Design Sunny with a Chance of Clouds by Crystal Smythe.
Autumn Scene
Sale: $10.50
1 2 3 ... 69

Digitized Edge to Edge Quilting Pantographs

Continuous line patterns allow for fast, seamless edge-to-edge designs to stitch-out on the quilt. Often referred to as bread and butter designs, it’s easy to see why digitized pantographs are the most popular type of design on our site. They are beautiful, continuous-line, quilting designs that stitch out easily on all systems and look good on almost everything.

"Pantos" come in all shapes and sizes, from a variety of of different styles taken from influences everywhere. In addition to typical quilting styles, we have a large selection of geometric pantos, modern pantographs, and other non-traditional edge-to-edge quilt designs, too.

Digital Pantograph Patterns for Quilting

Edge-to-Edge, Border-to-Border, Pantos…. what ever you call your continuous line quilt patterns, all machine quilters know these mean fast quilting and happy customers. Continuously providing customers with beautiful, unique patterns for every quilt is important. That’s why we are adding more and more digitized pantographs all the time. This is easily the fastest expanding and most popular pattern type on the site.

The edge-to-edge designs sold at Intelligent Quilting were designed by long arm quilters and are intended for computerized machine quilting systems. Whether you’re looking for Statler Stitcher pantographs or pantos for another system, we stand by the quality of every design in our inventory. We know that your customers expect high quality digitized quilting designs, and we stand by the quality of every digitized pantograph on the site.

With fifty different pattern designers to choose from there are plenty of edge-to-edge patterns added each and every week. Follow us on Facebook to get daily updates of new patterns added and be the first to know about freebies and sales.

Differently Themed Pantos

All of the pantos are separated into seventeen different categories, based on the general “theme” of the design. For the last year geometric and texture pantographs have really gained in popularity but others that have always been popular include: feather pantographs, pantos with stars and swirls, nature pantographs, and there’s always a different season or holiday happening that needs a design to go along with it. In short, there are many different styles for you or your customers to choose from.

*All designs are digitized and include file formats for all computerized quilt machines: .cqp, .dxf, .hqf, .iqp, .pat, .plt, .qli, .ssd, .txt, .wmf (.gpf & .mqr free by request).